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Parenthood is NOT a Pissing Match!

Parents of all walks of life. No matter if you’re mom/dad/grandparent/caregiver…. No matter whether you work or stay home. YOU ARE ROCKIN IT!!!! As long as you know you’re doing your best. As long as those babies know they’re loved. As long as those babies are provided for emotionally, physically & financially. YOU ARE ROCKIN […]


Easiest, Most DELICIOUS Tuscan Chicken

If you want to try something quick and easy, yet taste like heaven in your mouth… You MUST try this Tuscan Chicken Recipe. I won’t bore you with all the backstory of my sister’s, husband’s brother’s mom leading to this recipe… LOL, because I am hungry! I will say this, my pictures aren’t Pinterest perfect, […]

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The Struggles of a Working Mom

A reality so many women face. When you have no choice because financially you can’t stay home and long to so bad. Whether you are planning your family, or it happens on a whim… The thoughts race through your head. How will I do this? How am I going to manage? How will I get […]