Easiest, Most DELICIOUS Tuscan Chicken

If you want to try something quick and easy, yet taste like heaven in your mouth… You MUST try this Tuscan Chicken Recipe. I won’t bore you with all the backstory of my sister’s, husband’s brother’s mom leading to this recipe… LOL, because I am hungry! I will say this, my pictures aren’t Pinterest perfect, but it taste AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot to take a pretty before picture of the ingredients. LOL

You will need:
Chicken Breast- I used 2 large ones
Can of Chicken Broth
Garlic Powder/ Salt/ Pepper
Penne Noodles
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Heavy Whipping Cream- Small carton
Parmesan Cheese- I use grated and shaved
Spinach (optional)

Total time will take about 30 minutes

Step 1

Get a pan out large enough to fit all ingredients, pour your can of chicken broth in and add chicken breast. Strain & drizzle the oil from the dried tomato jar onto the chicken (not the tomatoes yet). Add your seasonings: salt, pepper, garlic powder. I cook my meat on medium for about 20 minutes or until done. I recommend using a meat thermometer to check it’s done.

Step 2

Your noodles… now there are two options for the noodles.
1. Boil them separately
2. Chance adding them into the chicken and broth, but my experience has not gone well with that. LOL! I do it the first way.

Step 3

Chop or cut your chicken how ever you please. We are a big family, so this stretches the most.

Step 4

Add in heavy whipping cream, the rest of the contents of the sun dried tomatoes, the Parmesan and spinach (optional).

Heavy Whipping Cream Added
added both grated and shaved.

I forgot to take pictures of adding the tomatoes and spinach (whoops!)

Stir it all around and add noodles

Finished Product!

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