Marriage Isn’t 50/50, that’s not how it works

My honey works hard for the money to provide for our family. Most weeks he’s putting in 50-60 hours a week. He does it do I don’t have to be bothered with a job. So I can be there to raise our children, so I can see all the firsts. I’m so thankful.

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He doesn’t fuss at me when he comes home and the house is not clean or dinner is not done.

He knows I’ve probably had a trying day with the kids. Instead, he helps me. On his days off, he doesn’t run off with friends. He spends it with his wife & kids. That’s where he’d rather be, home building memories with the kids and myself, helping me with the housework, showing our boys what a husband and father should do. For that, I’m thankful!

You see marriage isn’t 50/50… its not you do your half and I do mine.

No, its 100/100… when I’m lacking, he steps in and we get it together. If he’s short on hours on his check, I hustle up some money some kinda way. We get through it. Together. Marriage is about teamwork, getting through the rough spots and feeling the high when we get past it. It’s about building an empire together and looking back on the path you took to get there, growing old together.

Photo by from Pexels

Marriage isn’t perfect. Marriage is tough. Marriage is about challenges.

Marriage is not always fun. It is not those cheesy lovey dovey photos you see online. Our relationship hasn’t always been sunshine & rainbows, it never will be. He gets on my nerves and I get on his. We had some REALLY trying times in the beginning. I’m thankful for those instances now because without those struggles and trials, we wouldn’t have the strength and bond in our marriage we have today. I’m thankful we didn’t give up during those times, that would’ve been so easy. Instead we figured out the cause of the issues and eliminated the things that fueled those problems.

I may have my days where I complain about him, but I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone BUT him!

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