Trying to work while being a stay at home mom

I was once a working mom. I am now a stay at home mom. I am busier now then I was when I worked. People take advantage of that. You have SOOO much free time *insert sarcasm*. After my Stay at home Mom depression post went viral and I read some of the snarky comments, I feel the need to clarify a few things for society….

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Stay at home moms are NOT:

Free babysitters
Errand runners

Yes we…

Chose to have children.
Decided staying home would be the best alternative for us financially.
Are grateful for being able to spend so much time with our kids
Miss going to work
Are allowed to feel that way
Do have feelings, after all, we are regular humans too.
Do need time to ourselves, mental health is important

SAHM’s are usually trying to find a way to hustle up money on the side from home because it is not feasible for them to leave and go to work. Daycare would absorb their whole check. That is why I had to quit working, it was cheaper for us just to lose my income. I’ve been trying to earn money by working from home in many different ways.

People always think working from home is so easy because you don’t have to send your kids to daycare, you can take care of them while you work.

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You get to save money. Um, no. Most people get to leave their home to go to work in an office or whatever, uninterrupted by children! Your children are at daycare or the baby sitters all day while you are working, they are not home making mess after mess you have to constantly clean up. They do that once you get home. Believe it or not, I was a working mom once and had two children in daycare.

People legit have no clue what it means to try and get business things done while there is a small child asking for a hundred things. Pulling everything out, making sure they don’t hurt themselves while you are trying to concentrate on getting work done.

Stopping to make meals for them, changing or potty training them, spending enough time with them so they don’t feel neglected because you are trying to work and entertain them. Trying to also get housework done in the midst of this too.

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Because you are a stay at home mom and do nothing all day. No, we are women trying to balance hustling at home while caring for the kids.

Our home is our office. It’s chaotic. Most of the time its loud & messy.

Stay at home moms are not saying working moms don’t have it hard, they do and guess what? Most of us were all working moms at one point! I know, I can’t believe it!

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