Who is Momma’s Tired?

Me, entertaining kids at a party I was hosting.

I am Megan, a 32 year old parenting blogger from Florida, United States. I have been married for 7 years, together for 9. We have 5 wonderful boys between us, the oldest (13 yrs) is my bonus son, Isaiah. I birthed 4. Noah (9 yrs), AJ (7 yrs), Elijah (5yrs) & Dallas (1yrs). Life is super crazy and busy having 5 children, I lose my mind about every half hour. LOL!

Family pic from Dec. 2017

I started blogging in 2017, as an outlet for my feelings (in order not to annoy anyone). Turns out, people like what I write, who knew? I have been through many obstacles in life, there is probably a blog post about it.

Me & my boys Dec. 2018

I hope you enjoy!